Call me what you want…I know I did one thing right

This is an old pic. I bought the new album November 10! The day it came out. Love it!

My favorite songs are

Call It What You Want

Are You Ready For It?


New Year’s Day


Taylor Swift is A Genius

Are you tired of people saying that?

Don’t be. Just read this clever and illustrative story!

And the hours pass by,
Now I just wanna be alone,
But your close friends always seem to know
When there’s something really wrong,
So they follow me down the hall,
And there in the bathroom,
I try not to fall apart,
And the sinking feeling starts,
As I say hopelessly,
“He said he’d be here.”

And it was like slow motion,
Standing there in my party dress,
In red lipstick,
With no one to impress,
And they’re all standing around me singing
“Happy birthday to you”,
But there was one thing missing,
And that was the moment I knew.

You called me later,
And said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t make it, ”
And I said, “I’m sorry too, ”
And that was the moment I knew.


I *feel* it. Don’t you?

Anything can happen.

Today marks the first day of my mission to meet the one and only Taylor Swift.

I received a phone call this morning for a job offer I have been praying and negotiating with the universe for. I literally said, Dear Universe, if I get this job, at the salary I want, I promise to feed 25 people.

Well, I guess the universe heard my offering.

I. Got. The. Job.

You don’t understand. This is a defining moment that will change my life forever but in the most subtle, most significant ways.

  • I can buy a car.
  • I can start a savings.
  • I can finally start paying off my debt.

And I know you must be thinking, ‘oh you will only do good if you get what you want.’ At the financial state I was at (or am), there was no way I could help someone else. It’s difficult to help others in need when you are in need yourself. Yet, someone once reminded me (who we will come back to on another episode), there is power in solidarity.

It took a long, tough year to get here… but I worked hard for it. And it’s finally here. Hard work really pays off and I can see my dreams are becoming a reality, as cliche as it sounds. All those millionaires and entrepreneurs are right, just keep pushing, don’t give up, persevere. Want it. Do whatever it takes to get there, and however long it takes, even if it means putting yourself in an uncomfortable position.

JK Rowling said in a speech, “Rock bottom was the foundation on which I rebuilt my life…I was as poor as you could be in modern Britain without being homeless.”

Goosebumps spread throughout my arms as those words entered my heart. I felt hopeful. If JK Rowling could rebuild her life on the stories of a young wizard, then I could begin to build a better life too.

So as I drove home from work, floored by receiving the exact job offer I wanted, I thought, wow, if I could envision and work towards this dream job offer and salary, I can do anything.

If I work a little bit at it everyday, even just a little smidgen, I can DO ANYTHING.

Even meet Taylor Swift.

Thus begins my journey and inspiration to meet Taylor Swift and have dinner with my favorite singer.

Here we go!