I’m a crumpled up piece of paper.

I just want to take a moment to revere in the literary genius that Taylor Swift is.

That is all.

Now, revere people. Revere.


Holy Shiznet

I just paid over $330 in toll violations.

More like Grace violated.

More like purse violated.

More like wallet violated.


That hurt.

That’s as much, if not more, like getting my car towed.

Well at least now I have an EZ tag.

. . .

Te digo. Es que no aprende la niña














Feeling Poor

Here I go stressing out about money again. Feeling poor. I received a $200 medical bill that I have been putting off but I need to pay as soon as possible. I also have another bill that I need to pay for about $240.

Plus I need to save up for a vacation in October and a little mini staycation for Valentine’s Day.

I started freaking out knowing I do not have a lot of money in my checking account. I’m talking I have like $97 in my checking account. Still, a lot more than I used to have even a few months ago.

I overspent this weekend. I went out to eat too much and bought a box of $50 diapers instead of the $35 box. I was just too excited for the baby show. Sigh.

So for the next two weekends I will have to be very, very conservative with my money so I can manage to pay off those couple hundred dollars in bills as well as save up for vacation AND a Valentine’s Day Gift, which I already know what it will be so I’m not too worried about that particular expense.
As I was on my way home driving on the freeway, distracted as usual, all I could think about was how little I had in my checking account and worried that I would not be able to take my boo out for the next couple of weekends.

I started worrying and worrying and freaking out and I could feel myself stress out.

I can feel the stress in my forehead build and crawl into my neck.

And I started worrying and feeling bad about myself for not being able to afford to take out my girlfriend the next few weeks.

I felt the shame wash over my face and heart.

The angry red voice in my head reminding me that I am not good enough, I don’t make enough, I can’t reach high enough.

I. Won’t. Ever. Make. It.

…but then, I just took a deep breath and told myself: You know what, Grace? This is the reality of your situation. And just six months ago, you would have dealt with it. Tough titties. No bone about. No choice. It just is. 

When I worked at my last job, I would have no choice but to just use the only money I have and not even fall back on a savings account. (Which I have now, but I refuse to touch it.)

Money. Money. Money. It really is a love hate relationship. I hate you. I hate you I hate…

but I need you I need you I need.

We all have our odd healthy and unhealthy relationship with money.

Anyway, I took a deep breath and remembered things will always be okay, they always have.

Sure it won’t be a fun conversation: “Hey, I’m super broke for the next two weeks, just FYI, do don’t be axing be for no dinner and no drinks.”

Or something like that. Teehee.

But I know that in the end, these are the hard decisions and the smart decisions that can help my future and our future together in order to build a bigger and better and more secure livelihood.

Who knows, maybe someday soon, I’ll be just chillaxing on a beach, eating fancy caviar. Oui oui!

Although, lesbi honest I’m not going to want caviar. I’m still going to want cheeseburgers and beers and french fries and wings and crawfish.

And I will still refuse to shave my armpits and shave my legs and wax my mustache and wax my eyebrows. I will still wear the my favorite t-shirts with holes in them and with the same jeans everyday.

To better savvy days!

And I need to remember in just a few months, aka by the end of the year, I will be free from credit card debt…

and only have Miss Student Loans to answer to. Hey, I’ll knock her out pretty quickly too.

to days of zerosssssssssssss!



Blah Day Blah Weekend

The last couple of days have not been so great. I didn’t follow my sleep routine.

I went to sleep late-ish than usual.

I wasn’t wearing my UP band the whole weekend.

And I still had to wake up early each day to teach classes.

I also kept re-reading the email I sent to the director for that job I’m vying for. However, I realized I sent her the resume edited version…

With red mark-ups in the entire document!

Deep sigh.

But hopefully she didn’t see it under the mark-up view.

Anyhoo, one good thing is I feel pretty great this morning because I had a later morning class. I’m teaching 6a and 630a classes now.

Those extra 30 minutes sure make a difference.

But I will try to find a rose for the weekend.

Hmm… my rose was learning how to make-out properly.

There are 5 steps involved and it’s called the Danie System.

It’s pretty advanced and quite detailed. Maybe I’ll write about it.

It was a lot of fun…feelings in mah groin. Hehe.

Te digo.20170121_172409

Moving Closer Into The Career I want

SO… I started off this blog over 6 months ago with my dream job position: working in accounting for a technology company.

But you know me, I’m always looking ahead, asking myself where I want to go? And I know a more business operations and sales role is something that speaks to my heart and personality.

I love talking to people and really getting into the nitty gritty of what makes a business work and if accounting is involved, even better.

Well…there’s a position available at my current workplace. It’s for a senior sales operations analyst and I am very, very interested…problem is I’ve only been at the company for six months and I’m worried it may be too soon to apply.

Yet, I can’t pass up the opportunity and I’m willing to take a chance and see what happens. It would also mean a huge increase in pay. I’m talking BIG…I’m talking a possibility of doubling my salary.

Today I will send off my resume to the director that is hiring and we’ll see where it goes from there. I feel ready for this and I have no qualms about it.

Let’s do it.

Day 3 of Sleeping Goodness

That’s right. That’s a record of three whole days goodimus sleep!

So as you’ll see on my UP band screen shot, I technically had less TOTAL hours of sleep, but I had MORE hours of deep sleep.

On Monday night (second night), I had technically 8 hours of total sleep but only 59 minutes of deep sleep.

However, on Tuesday night I had a total of 7 hours and 46 minutes of sleep but 1 hour and 48 minutes of sleep.


And get this: I actually felt more rejuvenated waking up from Tuesday night’s sleep even though I had less sleep.

The key here is I almost had twice as much deep sleep. EUREKA PEOPLE! This is the key.

That’s why some people can sleep 6-7 hours and feel just fine. They probably get enough deep sleep. It doesn’t matter if you sleep 8 or 10 or even 12 hours but if it’s all light or even REM sleep and very little DEEP SLEEP, then you won’t feel as fantastic.





Deep sigh. I always have. 😉 LOL

Anyhoo, so last night (Wednesday nigh) I was unable to track my sleep because I left UP band at my place and I slept my girlfriend’s place.

I always forget something when I’m in between places…or just generally in life. Teehee.

Forget or lose things. My gf even said to me I’ll lose my engagement ring. LOL

And when we first started dating, she gave me two sets of flowers with notes that read:

“Just Because…”

and the second flowers read:

“And because you’ll lose the first one…”


Anyhoo, I digress, so I couldn’t track Wednesday night sleep.

Plus, I set my alarm incorrectly at 5:20PM instead of 5:20AM, which caused me to miss my 5:30AM VIPKID class and [later I receive a very stern email about missing class, they are super strict on teacher no shows and deduct from your pay 😦 ].

Well on the bright side, I woke up around 5:50am and felt amazing. LOL

I’m there was some good deep sleep in there…

Still, I need to be careful about missing VIPKID classes because then I won’t book as many classes and my teacher ratings/review will be low and no one will want meeeeeeeeee.

Tonight, I will sleep at the GF again but will stop by my apartment to pick up the UP band and a few other items I forgot…*cough* underwearandsocks *couch*

Te digo.


zOMG Day 2 Of (Pretty Good) Sleep

So…………last night I had some pretty aight sleep. Notombot? Like not like Sunday night’s sleep in which I was raving and ranting and felt renewed upon this thing we call life…no not that perfect.

HOWEVER, it was pretty dang good sleep compared to the past month. So I’m trying to figure out what is different this time than last time and why I didn’t sleep as like.

I wanna sleep like a baby every single night dammit! My day depends on it! Shawn Stevenson says a good day starts with good sleep!

Anyhoo, so I drank the ass tea, I did the yoga, I did the no-worries-everything-finna-be-fine mantra, read my porn, er, I mean romantic fiction…which last night’s reading included the phrase “family jewels” (insert giggle here). Teehee.

So I’m trying to figure out what the difference was. I did take a hot shower before so maybe it took a while for my body temp to cool down.

My dinner wasn’t the best either: it was a piece of tough meat, avocado, and like, three string beans. Sigh. I also had a mandarin which might be another negative factor since it has about 10 grams of sugar.

On Sunday’s sleep: I did not take a hot shower, and my dinner before bed was half a cheeseburger from Coaches and some fries. Oh and a spoonful of my boo’s mashed potatoes. We were watching the last quarter of the Dallas vs Packers game.

Anyhoo, I think this is sufficient evidence that I must eat cheeseburger before bed in order to get a goodnight’s rest. Hmph!

I also went to a Zumba class around 5:30pm…but I’m not sure if all these extra things really attributed to a little less better sleep.

My UP band says I only got 59 minutes of sleep compared to the 2 hours and 38 minutes from last night.


The difference in deep sleep truly makes a difference. Even with my nice Wake Up alarm, I could have rolled back to sleep.

Yet, overall, I would still say I had a pretty good sleep. Although I did wake up about 2-3 times throughout the night, I was able to go right back to sleep.

I listened to the 21 Cures For Sleep by  Shawn Stevenson podcast and will do the following to get better, deeper sleep:

-exercise before 6PM, preferably lifting (cardio before bed is allegedly a no no)

-leave my phone outside my bedroom

-eat a high fat, high protein, low carb dinner

-unplug an electronics from my bedroom (like laptop)

-tidy clothes on top of the dresser

-teach my VIPKID classes in the living room so to establish my bedroom as a SLEEPING (and sess, duh) ZONE only.

-Cover the time from the Wake Up alarm (it’s orange and stands out because my room is so dark).

OKAAAAAAAAY. We’ll see what tonight brings.

P.S. I’m eating wangs for dinner because it falls under the high protein genre….What?

How I Finally Beat Insomnia

Well, sort of. Hehe. For like a night…but still!

Last night was the first time in over two months, I had a real, solid, good night’s rest.

I woke up feeling so refreshed, I almost couldn’t believe it. I woke up around 5:20am to teach my 5:30am class. I woke up before the Wake Up alarm and I woke up feeling ready and in a positive mood.

I taught my classes with so much energy and enthusiasm than I ever have before.

I actually got a full 8 hours sleep and over 2 hours and 38 minutes of deep sleep. I’m so glad I’m able to track my sleeping patters and cycles (thanks Bae!).


If I compare last night’s reading to the previous nights, you can see I have been waking up at night often and having trouble falling back asleep.

Last night’s sleeping routine was a little different: around 8:30pm I prepped my tea, and as I let the tea bag soak into the water, I went to my room and pulled out my yoga mat.

I did a few stretches like downward dog, child’s pose, and savasana (where you just lay on your back with our arms at your side). I also got on my knees and bowed by head, just to thank the universe for everything good in my life.

I felt a little weird but maybe if I do it more often, it won’t feel as strange. But I really liked bowing on my knees, it was humbling…and somehow made me feel open and light.

I also kept reminding myself not to worry about what if scenarios, or car accidents or money issues. I told myself everything is going to be okay. It always is. There is nothing to worry about. Things always figure themselves out.

I think this self-talk really helped to calm my mind and stop the chattering monkey in my brain.

Then, I put away my yoga mat and turned off all the lights. My window has two heavy curtains to really darken the room. I turned on my Wake Up alarm with a dim, soft, sunset-like light and started reading some fiction.

I picked up this masterpiece at half price bookstore ($1.00) earlier that day. Nothing like a little romantic fiction to ease your mind and wash your worries away. After about ten minutes of reading and drinking my ass tea aka sleepy-time tea, I felt sleepy, turned off the lights, and fell asleep within ten minutes.


I woke up feeling amazing and at peace. I woke up calm and ready to teach and empower children! I hope to recreate this routine tonight and hopefully I will be granted with another restful sleep.

And this is how I beat insomnia…for one night. Hehe.

Let’s make it two, baybeh!

$529 In 3 Weeks with VIPKID

As I’ve mentioned in another post, I have a second job making side income teaching English. I came across VIPKID by searching on Craiglist for a second job.

At first I was very skeptical because it seemed too good to be true. However, I have a significant amount of student debt so I was a little desperate.

I decided to try and see if this Chinese company was really all that it said to be.

Well it was! The process was very fast and easy. I was teaching within the first week of getting hired. Below you will see what my schedule was on the first week and how much I earned the first month.

Although this job helps you work from home, you really have to be manage your time and how well you sleep. This is why I started embarking on a journey to get good sleep so I could teach my classes and not feel drained by the time I left for work. And yes, I do this part-time job before heading to my full time job…but it’s worth it as I am using this to pay off my student loans.

If you decide to sign up, use my referral link and we can split the bonus: that’s $25 for you and $25 for moi. As soon as you pass your interview, demo class, and teach your first class, I will PayPal you your half of the bonus.

No one else makes this offer so make sure to use my link and you’re guaranteed at least $25 your first week. I’m also free for a phone call on how to pass your interview and mock class. 🙂