What Parents Say About Me

zOMG so VIPKID just got this new feature where I can see Parent feedback and the reviews are raving about moi!

I’m basically an awesome teacher.

It feels really good to read these. When they first told us they were (finally) releasing the feedback from parents, I was nervous about my score.

But that’s a good sign; it means I care!

Here it goes:

Alli te va:



$601 for the month of January 2017 – teaching online VIPKIDs

SO yeah I gots paid $601 for last month. (It would have been $622 but I had to cancel a class, and I had two teacher no shows, one of which was my completely fault…)

But I know that’s great and all and I’m thankful and all BUT…



I am so SO frickin frustrated because of my Teacher No Show. I was teaching back to back lessons from 530a through 730a (each class is 25 minutes long) and I was 4 minutes late to my 730a and they canceled it, called me a no show, and deducted $10 from my pay.


Hurts my heart. It really does. Like a physical ache in my HEART. Especially when you wake up so early and that $10 deduction is essentially an hour of pay (without bonuses).

It hurts the soul. I want to kick somebody. I want to kick all these messy papers on the floor near my foot…but I don’t want to clean it up, humph, so I won’t. I guess.

But alas, we must be mature adults.

I have learned so many hard lessons with this Teacher No Show $10 deduction per class shenanigan. I have to get better about keeping my classes right at 25 minutes and not a minute over so I have time to leave feedback and still have a minute or so leftover before my next class.

Hard, expensive lessons on time management indeed.

But it won’t happen to me again. OKAY! I got dis.


So far for February month I have $274 so far. I’m hoping by the end of the month I will get closer to $700.


July 2017 will be a good month. I will be finished paying the $3,000 I owe my momma for school tuition.

In August 2017, I hope to finish paying off the other $3,000 I owe my father.

And in October 2017, I hope to have enough saved to buy a cute lil home in Third Ward Houston or a nice, ample sized home in Southwest Houston. You know what they say, location, location, location.

And guys, I am not just HOPING I am doing.

Deep sigh.

Big sigh.

Heavy sigh

Patience, sensei, patience

Love always,

Grace G.

Just Another Day

So I will be posting my February earnings from VIPKID in the next couple of weeks. They pay every 15th of the month.

I want to make sure I include the monthly bonuses in the screenshots I”ll be showing so you can see what my total cash pay out is.

The month of January will have earnings around $600. There was a lull in the last week of January and the first week of February because of the Chinese New Year.

But classes are ramping up so not really a big deal.


On another note, it’s also a very slow period at work. I asked to leave early but was DENIED. REJECTED.


I guess you can’t really have it all…when you’re working for da man.

Just another body to fill a chair.


I see you job in the horizon of mine.

Oh em double dizzle Gee.

Remember that dream job I was talking about? The job I am applying for? The one closer into the kind of career I want?!



Das who.

I’ll keep you posted. Cross your fingers I get a job offer!

This is exactly what I need to happen in order to get closer and closer to paying off every penny of the $35,000 I owe in student loans.

I’m going to do it.

And like my mom says, as long as you have salud. Anything is possible.

Even if I don’t get the $$ job offer I want, sure, it will take longer to pay off my debts, but you know what?

You gotta crawl before you can walk and you gotta walk before you can run.

All I can think of is how to get off this monkey debt off my shoulder! I mean back..you know what I mean, dammit!

This is one step closer.

Wish me luck, interwebz.

Love always,

Grace G.

P.S. I told my mom the news and she gave me great, sage, advice, only moms can give:

“Señor redentor ave mari sin pecado.”

Um, um, right, right. That’s right! You got it mom! I’m with you. In the name of the good Lort and Virgin Mary without Sin.

Te digo.


Moving Closer Into The Career I want

SO… I started off this blog over 6 months ago with my dream job position: working in accounting for a technology company.

But you know me, I’m always looking ahead, asking myself where I want to go? And I know a more business operations and sales role is something that speaks to my heart and personality.

I love talking to people and really getting into the nitty gritty of what makes a business work and if accounting is involved, even better.

Well…there’s a position available at my current workplace. It’s for a senior sales operations analyst and I am very, very interested…problem is I’ve only been at the company for six months and I’m worried it may be too soon to apply.

Yet, I can’t pass up the opportunity and I’m willing to take a chance and see what happens. It would also mean a huge increase in pay. I’m talking BIG…I’m talking a possibility of doubling my salary.

Today I will send off my resume to the director that is hiring and we’ll see where it goes from there. I feel ready for this and I have no qualms about it.

Let’s do it.