$3,053.70 in 90 Days – My little online business that could

It’s hard, man.

I wanted to keep a journal of how my business is growing so I can look back at it and know the little things is what got me to the big thing. Also, so I can help others to the same.

hesi blog sales screenshot

Starting an online business is not fricking easy.

There’s more hard work than money.

Get that. Read it again.

There is more effort involved than money, bay bay!clap emoji

Well in the beginning anyway, they (successful ultra-rich entrepreneurs) say it gets easier as you progress. And I am really looking forward to the day, I can say bye bye to my (actually pretty awesome) corporate job.

However, for now, it’s time to grind.

I have struggled (AND STILL STRUGGLE) with procrastination every single effing day. Sometimes there will be days that I waste and I do NOTEENG! Not a damn thing.

How I play nice with procrastination:

The way I coax procrastinating Grace to work, is convince her to do one little thing. Just post a picture on the Facebook page. Just edit the first paragraph of that document…and it usually leads me to doing more work.

But sometimes, I just stop there, I just stop at the little thing, and guess what? I don’t feel bad or ashamed…because hey, I did some thing.

What business are you in?

It’s actually not fancy or sexy or anything…it’s actually quite BOWRING! I sell e-study guides to students who are taking a standardized test.

Yeah…that’s it.

But pretty damn profitable.

People are begging for my stuff and begging for more study guides and tutoring and all the things.

It’s overwhelming to keep up with everything but I literally know there are hundreds of thousands of dollars waiting for me on the other. God, it’s fucking palpable. The money is there looking at me, tapping her foot, winking at me, “we’re waiting for you.”

How did you get people to your site?

I followed ZTL principles on guest posting…and get this: I’ve only guest posted on two websites…that’s it!

That’s the only marketing I’ve done for this product. The need is really there so I really attribute it that factor but students really need a solid study guide that helps them pass this standardized test. I can only imagine when I actually put forth real effort in marketing the product, what it will look like for my business…because honestly, I do nothing in regards to marketing.

I wrote those two articles about one to two months ago and haven’t done anything since, yet sales roll in every day.

Did you really make that much money in 90 days?

Well, fine, it was 99 days but 90 sounds better on the title, GAWD!

But in that regard, I also have to tell when this all started: 6 FUCKING YEARS AGO! LOL! Yes, berry sad.

Seriously, I first had this idea in 2011, and sold a few study guides and then just stopped because it became overwhelming and I panicked.

I panicked for being too good, too successful, too rich. What if I have to pay a lot of taxes? What if someone sues me? What if life isn’t any better on the other side? What if I’m rich and sad? What if? What if?! WHAT IF?!

6 years later, I’m back on the train and pushing every goddamn day…pushing against these thoughts. Every day. Every day I’m saying, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can.

And sometimes I can’t…but then the next day arrives.

What now?

I hate writing but I need to buck up and write more guest articles and YouTube tutorials for my students. I plan to double the monthly income by the end of the year.

There’s also a lot of background noise going on like talks of my company’s jobs moving to India so I also need to focus on securing my job here, even if it’s with another company.

Yet, it serves as a wonderful and beautiful reminder that we’re all so dispensable.

So make yourself indispensable for other people.

Provide value others can’t, in the way and method only YOU can.

Don’t do things others can do.

Don’t just follow directions, anybody can do that.

Create! Make something! And let it pull you to where you’re meant to be!


Loving you is one of my greatest experiences

Almost 2 years ago, Dainelle and I planted a plant together on Valentine’s Day. Over the course of that time, I forgot to water the plant until one day it completely dried up and became yellow dry straws of what it used to be.
Last weekend, I finally decided to go to my apt, which I don’t frequent very often, and just clean the whole place.
I started sweeping a corner of the living room where there’s a table and the plant I never threw out, even though it dried up and died.
But then, I crouch down and take a closer look.
Somehow…somehow…in this hot ass apartment where the AC is rarely turned on, in this lonely apt that is barely visited, this plant…has SOMEHOW revived. Replanted. Resurrected!
It has been probably 9 months since I’ve looked at this plant, let alone watered it!
Yet, somehow this stubborn little plant has regrown from nothing.
Wow. Oh wow universe. I see you.
Sometimes it’s hard. This is hard. “Us” is hard. Sometimes I want to dig in my heels and be right and just run away… But somehow, I always come back to that knowingness that I’m supposed to be here now. Here with you. I know it. I’ve never been so confident. I just know.
Those things which are meant to be will prosper despite all odds.
Who knows what the future holds, but whatever may come, I know we can’t get to the other side, we can’t transform, we can’t become who we’re meant to be, without going through each other first. I hope we find each other on the other side but if we don’t, I know how magical and divine our #truelove has been and will always be.