I see you job in the horizon of mine.

Oh em double dizzle Gee.

Remember that dream job I was talking about? The job I am applying for? The one closer into the kind of career I want?!



Das who.

I’ll keep you posted. Cross your fingers I get a job offer!

This is exactly what I need to happen in order to get closer and closer to paying off every penny of the $35,000 I owe in student loans.

I’m going to do it.

And like my mom says, as long as you have salud. Anything is possible.

Even if I don’t get the $$ job offer I want, sure, it will take longer to pay off my debts, but you know what?

You gotta crawl before you can walk and you gotta walk before you can run.

All I can think of is how to get off this monkey debt off my shoulder! I mean back..you know what I mean, dammit!

This is one step closer.

Wish me luck, interwebz.

Love always,

Grace G.

P.S. I told my mom the news and she gave me great, sage, advice, only moms can give:

“Señor redentor ave mari sin pecado.”

Um, um, right, right. That’s right! You got it mom! I’m with you. In the name of the good Lort and Virgin Mary without Sin.

Te digo.



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