Blah Day Blah Weekend

The last couple of days have not been so great. I didn’t follow my sleep routine.

I went to sleep late-ish than usual.

I wasn’t wearing my UP band the whole weekend.

And I still had to wake up early each day to teach classes.

I also kept re-reading the email I sent to the director for that job I’m vying for. However, I realized I sent her the resume edited version…

With red mark-ups in the entire document!

Deep sigh.

But hopefully she didn’t see it under the mark-up view.

Anyhoo, one good thing is I feel pretty great this morning because I had a later morning class. I’m teaching 6a and 630a classes now.

Those extra 30 minutes sure make a difference.

But I will try to find a rose for the weekend.

Hmm… my rose was learning how to make-out properly.

There are 5 steps involved and it’s called the Danie System.

It’s pretty advanced and quite detailed. Maybe I’ll write about it.

It was a lot of fun…feelings in mah groin. Hehe.

Te digo.20170121_172409


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