Day 3 of Sleeping Goodness

That’s right. That’s a record of three whole days goodimus sleep!

So as you’ll see on my UP band screen shot, I technically had less TOTAL hours of sleep, but I had MORE hours of deep sleep.

On Monday night (second night), I had technically 8 hours of total sleep but only 59 minutes of deep sleep.

However, on Tuesday night I had a total of 7 hours and 46 minutes of sleep but 1 hour and 48 minutes of sleep.


And get this: I actually felt more rejuvenated waking up from Tuesday night’s sleep even though I had less sleep.

The key here is I almost had twice as much deep sleep. EUREKA PEOPLE! This is the key.

That’s why some people can sleep 6-7 hours and feel just fine. They probably get enough deep sleep. It doesn’t matter if you sleep 8 or 10 or even 12 hours but if it’s all light or even REM sleep and very little DEEP SLEEP, then you won’t feel as fantastic.





Deep sigh. I always have. 😉 LOL

Anyhoo, so last night (Wednesday nigh) I was unable to track my sleep because I left UP band at my place and I slept my girlfriend’s place.

I always forget something when I’m in between places…or just generally in life. Teehee.

Forget or lose things. My gf even said to me I’ll lose my engagement ring. LOL

And when we first started dating, she gave me two sets of flowers with notes that read:

“Just Because…”

and the second flowers read:

“And because you’ll lose the first one…”


Anyhoo, I digress, so I couldn’t track Wednesday night sleep.

Plus, I set my alarm incorrectly at 5:20PM instead of 5:20AM, which caused me to miss my 5:30AM VIPKID class and [later I receive a very stern email about missing class, they are super strict on teacher no shows and deduct from your pay 😦 ].

Well on the bright side, I woke up around 5:50am and felt amazing. LOL

I’m there was some good deep sleep in there…

Still, I need to be careful about missing VIPKID classes because then I won’t book as many classes and my teacher ratings/review will be low and no one will want meeeeeeeeee.

Tonight, I will sleep at the GF again but will stop by my apartment to pick up the UP band and a few other items I forgot…*cough* underwearandsocks *couch*

Te digo.



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