How I Finally Beat Insomnia

Well, sort of. Hehe. For like a night…but still!

Last night was the first time in over two months, I had a real, solid, good night’s rest.

I woke up feeling so refreshed, I almost couldn’t believe it. I woke up around 5:20am to teach my 5:30am class. I woke up before the Wake Up alarm and I woke up feeling ready and in a positive mood.

I taught my classes with so much energy and enthusiasm than I ever have before.

I actually got a full 8 hours sleep and over 2 hours and 38 minutes of deep sleep. I’m so glad I’m able to track my sleeping patters and cycles (thanks Bae!).


If I compare last night’s reading to the previous nights, you can see I have been waking up at night often and having trouble falling back asleep.

Last night’s sleeping routine was a little different: around 8:30pm I prepped my tea, and as I let the tea bag soak into the water, I went to my room and pulled out my yoga mat.

I did a few stretches like downward dog, child’s pose, and savasana (where you just lay on your back with our arms at your side). I also got on my knees and bowed by head, just to thank the universe for everything good in my life.

I felt a little weird but maybe if I do it more often, it won’t feel as strange. But I really liked bowing on my knees, it was humbling…and somehow made me feel open and light.

I also kept reminding myself not to worry about what if scenarios, or car accidents or money issues. I told myself everything is going to be okay. It always is. There is nothing to worry about. Things always figure themselves out.

I think this self-talk really helped to calm my mind and stop the chattering monkey in my brain.

Then, I put away my yoga mat and turned off all the lights. My window has two heavy curtains to really darken the room. I turned on my Wake Up alarm with a dim, soft, sunset-like light and started reading some fiction.

I picked up this masterpiece at half price bookstore ($1.00) earlier that day. Nothing like a little romantic fiction to ease your mind and wash your worries away. After about ten minutes of reading and drinking my ass tea aka sleepy-time tea, I felt sleepy, turned off the lights, and fell asleep within ten minutes.


I woke up feeling amazing and at peace. I woke up calm and ready to teach and empower children! I hope to recreate this routine tonight and hopefully I will be granted with another restful sleep.

And this is how I beat insomnia…for one night. Hehe.

Let’s make it two, baybeh!


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