Sleep: Season 1 Episode 1

So I have trouble sleeping…not falling asleep but staying asleep. I toss and I turn. I turn and I toss. I have been a horrible sleeper since I was a baby.

My mom always tells me that when I was an infant, I slept the majority of the day and was awake and fussy the entire night “con los ojos pelados.” Hehe. Sorry mama!

Well recently as part of building the life I want, I started a second job teaching Chinese children how to speak English. I applied to become a VIPKID teacher and the entire process was simple, I started working within the week I was hired.

The only thing is I was waking up at 4AM to teach my classes. My bad sleep became a nightmare. Now, not only did I not sleep well, I wasn’t getting enough hours of sleep, even sucky sleep. So the very little quality of sleep I had, was now reduced significantly, because I wouldn’t go to sleep on time.

So I am embarking on a sleeping journey. What is it going to take to get good quality, solid sleep?

Thanks to my beautiful and GENEROUS girlfriend, I will be able to track my sleep with the UP band. I received it as a Christmas gift and I’ll be able to see the quality of sleep throughout the night i.e. light, deep, and REM sleep.

Here we go!


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