Sleep: A Man-made Sunrise

I am not entirely sure how I stumbled upon the Phillips Wake-Up Light, but Jesus in the Heavens of my heart, I am SO glad I did.

This light is an interesting alarm that gently wakes you up with light. The light starts off dim and then in a span of 20-45 minutes (you get to choose), becomes brighter and brighter. You are actually not supposed to have it directly facing you because it can get so bright. The instructions direct to have it as an angle.

Anyhoo, oh em gee, it works! Well…with how I FEEL waking up. It is absolutely incredible and insane all at the same time. How could something simple work so frickin’ well? It’s just a light people! But it does the trick.

Now when I am teaching my morning classes, I don’t feel so groggy or tired. And I’m not holding in my yawns. It truly is unfathomable to me. I mean, hello, it really is just a light. Our bodies are just curious things, I just want to hug myself. Good body! Good girl! LOL I love each and every one of you cells!

Well if anyone is interested, this Wake Up Light alarm can be bought for half the price on Ebay, the only reason I bought it for full price on Amazon is because I received a $100 gift card from my awesome new dream job.

Wee! Ok the next episode will feature another gadget! Hehe. I am getting this sleeping thing right. Okaaaaaaaaaay.


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