Sexy Dorky Glasses

These I found by perusing the Wake-Up light alarm…but I also remember a friend wearing them (accidentally because she forgot to take them off) while we went out for lunch during our work break.

She explained to me they are special glasses which blocks out blue light that computers, TVs, and cell phones emit, and can be harmful to your eyes.

So when I saw these as a suggested item with the Wake-Up light, I was remembered and my curiosity clicked away.

Apparently, they are very good sleep enhancers. And since I’m a girl on a mission to find better sleep, I went ahead and purchased it. According to the reviews, these glasses are sleep enhancers because blue light suppresses melatonin and blue light signals your gorgeous, amazing body to STAY AWAKE.

Not good. Especially for us insomniacs. BUT I have not received it yet, so when I do I will write another episode and review these glasses. I really hope they work. I am plan on wearing them at work while using the computer screens and at home. I might look a little dorky, but hey, who’s gonna be the one catching dem Zs? Okaaaaaay.

Te digo.

Edit 01/16/17: I received the glasses! I have only used them once and I honestly do not see a difference in my sleep, but again, I’ve only used it once so I will update with another post after I use it regularly.



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